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Our experienced and caring teachers keep the kids busy with educational, engaging, and fun activities specifically designed for the Pre-K age kids.

  • Intellectual Development Our extensive program for Pre-K kids covers story telling, solving and understanding mazes, thinking/problem solving skills, shape structure and shapes, spelling of colors, shapes, everyday essentials, and much more...
  • Social Development We encourage kids to understand the concepts of sharing, etiquette, polite words, friendship, and being self-reliant
  • Math and English Learning math and language skills prepares Pre-K kids for kindergarten and beyond. We tailor our programs to individual needs of every child.
  • Art Specifically designed for Pre-K kids to develop and enhance imagination as well as develop basic artistic techniques. Activities include drawing and drawing techniques, shapes from cut-outs, painting, sculpting, and more...

Whether your child needs extra help or excels in these subjects, our teachers are experts at making the learning enjoyable and effective

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